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Instructor: Set PA Workshop, Key PA


Lee R. Coleman Jr. is a Director, Editor and Camera Operator as well as one of the Founder’s of KaeCole Media. He is based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Lee has learned to appreciate the craft of filmmaking and also takes the time to teach others that choose to come into the industry. Starting off as Production Assistant gave him the motivation to understand all areas of filmmaking so he can potentially become a Director one day. Lee’s dedication on set, got him promoted quickly to Key PA and has completed his hours for the next phase, Assistant Director.

He has worked for some major films through out his career. Films like Escape Plan 2, Stuber, Doom Patrol, American Soul, MacGyver, Valor, Good Hair and P-Valley just to name a few. 


Lee’s Motivation: ” We are all capable of greatness. We just have to dig deep and find the motivation that drives us so we can tap into all the elements that will help us grow. “I’m not afraid of dying, I’m afraid of not trying.”