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Instructor: Script Supervisor


Karlyn Exantus Taylor has worked professionally as a Script Supervisor for over 10 years, with much of her early experience originating in commercial productions. After joining the union in 2017, Exantus Taylor made the leap into television and movies, which is where she continues to work today. She is proud of all of her credits, but highlights her contribution to The Banker, noting that it was a period piece that still holds significant relevance to modern life, ultimately influencing her decision to invest in real estate. Previously known as Karlyn Exantus for most of her career, she recently added her married name, Taylor, after marrying at the brink of the pandemic in 2020 (shifting her maiden name, Exantus, to her middle name). Exantus Taylor, no hyphen, aspires to direct, change someone’s life for the better, and ride a hot air ballon.


Favorite Quote: “Live like no one else today so you can live like no one else tomorrow.” – Dave Ramsey