The Script Supervisor is one of the most important roles on the set.
He or she oversees the consistency and continuity of a production while it’s in principle photography. Most films are shot out of order, the script supervisor helps to keep everything organized from the largest item to the smallest of details.


If you are a person that’s extremely focused, pays attention to detail and can manage inquiries with ease, consider the role of a Script Supervisor.


What is a script supervisor?
What is continuity?
What are the duties and responsibilities of a script supervisor?
Where do your notes go, who uses them and why?
Key crew that the Script Supervisor works with and their roles
How to work with crew, i.e. director on set
Set Production common terminology
Script supervisor specific terminology
Scripting on commercials versus features
Scripting multiple cameras and special vfx
Prepping for the day
Call sheets
What to bring: Mac Laptop


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