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About Us


Since 2012, Tammy’Dele Films Job Training Workshops have launched film and television careers across the United States. The practical hands-on workshops garners Tammy’Dele Films Workshops as one of the most sought-after film and television training hubs. Tammy and her team of professional instructors provide a welcoming environment, giving students of all ages a comfortable, non-intimidating ambiance for learning and activating the confidence needed to step on set and do a top-notch job! With over three decades of production experience, she brings a diverse portfolio of skills to the job training program.


Tammy’Dele Films (TDF), a full service film and television production company, launched Tammy’Dele Films Job Training and Workshops, offering career focused education training in Georgia’s growing film and television industry. The first workshop was started in December 2014 and the team pleased was with the response from the students and productions that were hiring them. The reason we started this job training program and workshops, was due to our production needs and the growing demand of other industry positions. When we started receiving calls from other production companies searching for good production assistants, we decided to start a production assistant-training program first and have added additional workshops since our inception.


There are currently 24 industry related job training workshops. The goal is to give students the advantage. Each workshop provides hands-on, practical learning experiences. There are online and in-person training options which include workshops for adults and youth. Students receive certificates after workshop completion. This is a great place to start if you are new or trying to get back into the industry and need a refresher course.


We believe the best approach with any training is to build a team of instructors with experience and a heart for people. The instructors work full-time in the film/television industry. They have the information, first hand experience and the desire to share what they know with others.


We are so proud of our graduates, with many having worked on productions such as, Ant Man, Spider Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Tyler Perry
Productions, Will Packard Productions, The Walking Dead, Ozark, Stranger Things, Monarch, Star Girl, The Resident, STAR, The Voice, American Idol, Top Chef, Housewives of Atlanta, Love & Hip Hop, and so many other productions.